Mingyang must invest R $ 400 m in a wind turbine factory for offshore wind energy in Brazil

The initial Mingyang project may still undergo changes related to expansions. According to the secretary of economic development of the state of Ceará, the project will focus on the construction of wind turbines for offshore wind farms.
The wind power generation market in Ceará will have a new operational reinforcement in the coming years. Yesterday (10), the State Government announced an agreement with the Chinese company Mingyang to build a factory of wind turbines for use in offshore wind farms installed in the sea. According to the Secretary of Economic Development and Labor of the State, Maia Junior, the initial investment of the company must be between R $ 300 million and R $ 400 million. Notes that the project still depends on the completion of the sizing process to define the value.

The Chinese representatives continue in contact with market agents to sign possible sale contracts, taking into account that Ceará has four wind farm projects under evaluation. Investments still depend on Ibama’s environmental emission.

Another important issue for the realization of the factory project is the possibility of possible extensions for the production of other items. Mingyang, according to Maia Júnior, could still invest in the manufacture of solar panels and other components.

However, the Chinese company is already expected to create around 2,000 jobs in the initial phase. The expectation is that the wind turbine factory will already be installed between 2022 and 2023.

For the secretary, the interest of the Chinese in coming to Ceará can help consolidate this new line of the market for offshore wind power generation. Maia Júnior also highlighted that the technological capacity of the Asian company is also a driver of the local market.

Each wind turbine produced would have a power of between 11 megawatts (MW) and 15 MW. The figure represents up to three times the value of the most powerful wind turbine produced in the State by the Danish Vestas, which has about 4.2 MW.

“It is a new technology that has different characteristics from those we have in Ceará until now. The arrival of the Chinese is associated with the fact that Ceará has already attracted an offshore wind power generation project. It’s a new chain that Ceará is setting up, ”said Maia Júnior.

To seek market insertion, Mingyang is already in contact with representatives of offshore wind farm projects in the state. Even today (11), the Chinese should have a meeting with representatives of BI Energia for possible wind turbine purchase contracts.

Next week, the Chinese should have a new meeting, with another investment company in Ceará. The negotiations must take place at the headquarters of the Federation of Industries of the State of Ceará (Fiec).
For Lúcio Bonfim, CEO of BI Energia, the arrival of this new company is more than positive. He also said that the meeting with Mingyang will be focused on knowing the products offered, addressing prices, quality and production capacity.