Concentrated Solar Power reaches 796 GWh generated in July in Spain, 10% more than last year

Solar thermal energy has reached 796 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity generation in July, which represents 10% more than in the same month last year, according to data from Red Eléctrica (REE) collected by the Spanish Association for Promotion of the Thermosolar Industry (Protermosolar).

In addition, this Concentrated Solar Power generation has accounted for 3.57% of the total electricity production in Spain, with specific contributions that reached 8% and a very prominent generation during the night -with more than 7 days of uninterrupted generation-, «demonstrating how this technology can supply demand at night and its complementarity with photovoltaic technology «, highlights Protermosolar.

Concentrating Solar Power generation in July has implied a load factor of 46.5%, a figure that exceeds other intermittent renewable technologies, which Protermosolar considers to imply that this technology can be complemented with them using the same existing access and connection points, since that in total it does not exceed 100%.