Metallurgical Calviño will export wind towers for the first time to the United States

The company participated, together with GRI Renewable Industries, in the manufacture of 45 sections of wind towers that will depart from the Port of Dock Sud to North America. Previously, he had received a significant loan from Fogaba to obtain machinery.
A Buenos Aires metallurgical company will export wind towers for the first time to the United States, as confirmed this Thursday from the province’s Ministry of Production, Science and Technological Innovation.
The export comprises a total of 45 sections of wind towers from the Danish firm Vestas with its three 120-ton starboard-side cranes, which were manufactured by the GRI Calviño Towers Argentina company, an undertaking made up of GRI Renewable Industries and Metalúrgica Calviño. .
The shipment will be made through the shipMV Donaugrach, which will depart this Friday from the Port of Dock Sud.

The operation is framed within the “Outlaw” project, which will include another shipment of 15 sections. In parallel, there will be a second project called “Pryor” with 42 more sections. Between the two, an export of 102 sections of national production is expected.

According to company sources, a credit guarantee provided by the Buenos Aires Guarantee Fund (Fogaba) allowed obtaining new machinery to develop its full production capacity for towers for wind generators and turbine components, which positions it as the first integral manufacturer of Wind Towers in Argentina.

Wind energy is one of the most widely used renewable energies in the world, along with solar. Its importance lies in the fact that they have a low cost of generation and cause less pollution than other energy sources.

Argentina has significant potential in wind power generation, which can save foreign currency, both due to lower fuel imports and higher exportable balances, as in this case.

In recent years, more than 60 projects for wind power generation were awarded, most of them within the RENOVAR program, distributed in the Province of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and Patagonia.

From the Buenosairean production ministry they specified that today they were present in the Port of Dock Sud to finalize details of the export, Mariela Bembi, undersecretary of Industry, SMEs and Cooperatives; Guillermo Rabinovich, Undersecretary for Business Development and Investment Promotion; and Juan Cruz Lucero, Undersecretary of Port Affairs.