American Wind Energy Association Statement on House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis Recommendations

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) today issued the following statement supporting the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis recommendations on climate policies.
“We commend the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis for taking this comprehensive approach to climate-related legislation. This report underlines the top methods by which the U.S. should pursue policy solutions that protect the environment and ensure a prosperous American economy. Markets and fair competition are essential tools if America is to efficiently reduce carbon emissions, and so AWEA appreciates the Committee’s focus on carbon pricing and a Clean Energy Standard – two flexible, market-based approaches to swiftly and cost-effectively address the climate crisis. We also commend the report for being ambitious enough to tackle the real change needed in the energy sector, such as recognizing the importance of improving the electric system to meet climate targets. As an emissions-free energy source, U.S. onshore and offshore wind power stand ready to play a leading role in affordably reducing carbon pollution, while investing in local communities and providing good-paying jobs across the country.” – Tom Kiernan, AWEA CEO.