Message from the Spanish Wind Energy Association, Impact of COVID-19 on the wind power sector

The wind energy sector is strategic for the country and our companies are absolutely committed to the current situation. The effort is maximum so that the 1,203 wind farms can continue producing electricity, the factories continue supplying components, the parks under construction continue their works and the service companies can carry out their function of supporting the industry. Each and every one of the companies, large and small, is committed so that the impact of COVID-19 is as low as possible on a human, social and economic level.

The effort of the wind sector translates into a safe and efficient production of electricity, and a solvent supply chain. In the first 20 days of March (1-20 / March 2020), wind power produced 4,261 GWh, 25% more than the same period in 2019. Our contribution to the country’s energy mix, as well as the contribution to Spanish GDP thanks The industrial fabric of our companies makes us one of the strategic sectors of the country.

Our companies’ dependence on the European and global supply chain for raw materials and components is relative compared to other, much more exposed markets. As the COVID-19 virus has spread across different continents, certain delays could be created in some services, orders and logistics. We are talking about possible delays, not loss of activity. However, according to the recent analysis by WindEurope, the effects will be moderate in the international wind supply chains. Currently, it is too early to judge the effects on the sector’s production and income. What is certain is that our companies have great resilience, as has been demonstrated in past times. And resilience gains value when you have to manage situations as exceptional as the one caused by the current health crisis.

The wind industry, like the rest of the country’s industries, will manage the effect of COVID-19. It is everyone’s responsibility that the impact is as minor as possible. Most of the projects that are underway in our country are not subject to closed administrative deadlines for completion, as was the case with the last auctions, although there may be administrative procedures, such as access and connection to the Network or authorizations. of operation, which when suspended, will have to be resumed once the state of alarm is abandoned. Likewise, at AEE we are trying to find solutions to facilitate the necessary transfers of professionals for the maintenance of the facilities, complying with the strict health and safety measures that are required. In this regard, a standardization of criteria for professional travel at the national level would facilitate the adoption of solutions.

The AEE team is dedicated to maintaining the activities of the association in these days of maximum demand, striving to include new actions and develop new channels that give value to members. The Working Groups continue to meet regularly and advance in each of the positions and projects, our channels and communication have been adjusted to a short-term strategy and each and every one of us who is part of PREPA is at the available to you and your companies.