Navarra declares three renewable interest projects for wind energy and photovoltaic

Navarra declares three renewable interest projects for wind power and photovoltaic energy.
The Government of Navarra has adapted three agreements that declare three business projects related to wind farms and photovoltaic solar plants, promoted by the companies Enerfin, Nordex and Suno, as foral interest investments.
The three projects fall under the strategic area ‘Renewable energies and resources’ of the Smart Specialization Strategy of Navarra. The investments of foral interest declared by the Navarrese Government are projects that have a special relevance for the economic, social or territorial development of the region, and this declaration allows them to have a preferential and urgent impulse in the different procedures that they have to carry out with Navarre public administrations.
Wind power

Enerfin Sociedad de Energía will carry out the commissioning and operation of 45 wind turbines in five wind farms, with a total installed capacity of 171 MW. They will be located in Tudela (the Corral del Molino I and Corral del Molino II parks), in Corella, Castejón and Tudela (La Senda), in Corella (El Montecillo), and Ablitas, Fontellas, Tudela and Murchante (Volandín).

Nordex Energy Spain will develop eight prototyping wind farms, with a total power of 51.5 MW. They will be located in the towns of Cortes, Ribaforada, Olejua, Tafalla, Lumbier, Cenza de Olza, Torres del Río y Sanzol, and Azagra.

For the Enerfin project, the estimated investment is 106,000,000 euros, while for Nordex it amounts to 62,169,451 euros.
Photovoltaic solar plants

Regarding Suno Energía, it will be the company responsible for the implementation of two photovoltaic solar plants, located in Corella, with powers of 24.84 MW and 31.74 MW, respectively.

The evacuation power line will affect the municipal terms of Corella, Castejón and Tudela, and the estimated investment for this project is 52,714,000 euros.