Minas de Huascachaca wind power plant in Ecuador with significant progress

The wind farm is located next to the Jubones river in the territory of the Saraguro canton, on the border with Santa Isabel.

The construction of the Minas de Huascachaca wind energy plant, located in the San Sebastián de Yuluc parish, in the Saraguro canton, Loja province, progresses according to the established schedule; In the population of the surrounding communities, there is expectation about the development and improvements that will result from this work.
One of the aspects that residents of the area of ??influence stand out is the construction of a new concrete bridge over the Jubones River, which has greater capacity and allows all traffic, as mentioned by Segundo Uyaguari, a resident of Sumaypamba, farmer and partner of the gas station located at the entrance, at the intersection with the Girón Pasaje road, a sector where traffic has increased, and trade begins to flow.
Antonio Borrero, manager of the Elecaustro company, specified that the site where the Huascachaca Wind Farm is built, which builds the company, is in Yuluc and Sumaypamba, two parishes of the Saraguro canton, Loja province.
It will be the largest wind farm in Ecuador, it has 50 MW, as a reference, Loja has 16.5 MW. In 2017, the first work was the improvement of access to Uchucay and from there to Sumaypamba, by widening the road and improving geometry, including the construction of a 50-meter light bridge with double-lane vehicular access, with asphalt coverage, and public lighting based on photovoltaic energy.
The wind energy project has a progress of over 34%, 12 million dollars have already been invested; the final investment, including 15 wind turbines, will be 100 million; The financing comes from a loan from the Development Bank of 54 million, plus the counterpart of Elecaustro.
In addition to the improvement of the main access, interventions have been made in the improvement of sewerage and drinking water systems, of the accesses and downtown streets, and the support to schools to improve health; as is being supported in the improvement of the productive area, especially in onion crops, according to Antonio Borrero.
An agreement has been signed with the Prefecture of Loja to provide training and tools on the cultivation of onions and vegetables.
By June 2021, electricity would be generated. The connection will be made in the area of ??La Paz, where an interconnection substation is built that complements the Uchucay substation that is elevation, which are two important components of the wind farm.

What is relevant about the project is the use of a renewable source in the production of clean electric energy, which can replace generation plants that use fossil fuels, which pollute the environment.

The substation of La Paz has an advance of 54%, that of Uchucay 80% and the transmission line ditch already with the 56 towers placed.