Acciona will invest 4,000 million in wind energy and solar in five years

At the end of 2019, Acciona had a portfolio of green power generation facilities of 10,117 megawatts (MW) installed, 56% in Spain and 44% in international markets. In addition, it presented a potential portfolio of new projects of more than 13,000 MW.

With this investment in wind power and photovoltaic energy, Acciona will go from the 10.1 GW currently installed to 15 GW in the next five years, at a rate of 1 GW net per year.

At the end of 2019, the company had 13 GW of renewable energy between consolidated and semi-consolidated, 835 megawatts (MW) under construction and additionally contributed 99 million to subscribe the 10% increase in the capital of the wind turbines manufacturer Nordex.

Along these lines, Acciona’s executive president, José Manuel Entrecanales, has placed the company’s main strategic focus on infrastructure that meets the objectives of the fight against climate change and sustainability.

“You have to invest a lot in the Spanish energy market,” he stressed. He has justified it by the coming Energy and Climate Plan and the “opportunities” that it will generate and that “if possible” will take advantage of wind energy, photovoltaic, biomass and concentrated solar power.

Entrecanales has warned that this alleged installation of new energy capacity of the company in Spain will depend on access to hybridization (mixture of biomass and solar thermal) before the new regulation, the competitions or auctions of technologies to which they will go -related to biomass or thermosolar- and the achievement of electricity supply contracts with private clients, including energy intensive consumers.

Another variable that has indicated is the possible brake of new investors in the sector before the commitments of production of renewable energy in Spain and the Plan of Energy and Climate, whose mechanism “will have to adjust”, has apostille.