Construction of wind power plant begins in Vietnamese province of Soc Trang

BPP Vinh Chau (BPPVC), a subsidiary of Banpu Power of Thailand, began construction of a wind energy plant in the city of Vinh Chau, in the Vietnamese province of Soc Trang.
The first phase of the wind farm has a capacity of 29.4 MW with seven wind turbines and an investment of more than 56.1 million dollars.

The wind farm is expected to be completed in December this year, which will generate around 84.7 GWh of electricity.

The second phase of the wind power project will be implemented in 2021 with a total capacity of 30 MW at a cost of 60.47 million dollars.

At the opening ceremony, the president of the local Popular Committee, Tran Van Chuyen, stressed that this wind energy project will contribute to job creation and local production, business and tourism activities.

Soc Trang prioritizes the call for investments for 21 wind energy development projects in the 2017-2020 period, including 18 programs in the city of Vinh Chau.