Wind energy in Spain, Naturgy inaugurates El Tesorillo Wind Farm

The wind power installation has created 200 jobs and will be able to produce 84 Gwh of energy per year, the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 33,000 homes.
The wind farm is composed of 12 wind turbines and will contribute to reducing around 66,000 tons per year of pollutant and greenhouse emissions and 1.6 million tons of emissions of these gases throughout their useful life.

The delegate of the Government in Cádiz, Ana Mestre, the delegate of the Government in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, the general secretary of Industry, Energy and Mines, Fernando Arauz de Robles, and the mayor of San Martín de Tesorillo, Jesús Fernández, accompanied by the Naturgy’s Generation Development Director, Carlos González, and the head of Renewable Projects Development in Andalusia, José María de Juan, have inaugurated the El Tesorillo Wind Farm, in the municipality of San Martín del Tesorillo (Cádiz ).

During the tour, attendees visited some of the wind turbines already installed, as well as the work that is currently being carried out for the completion of the wind farm evacuation infrastructure.

“With the development of this project, Naturgy reinforces its commitment to Andalusia, increasing by almost 50% the wind power it had installed in this Community. Also, this wind farm demonstrates the company’s strong commitment to the increase in renewable generation, contemplated in our 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, ”said Carlos González, Director of Generation Development at Naturgy.

The delegate of the Andalusian Government in Cádiz, Ana Mestre, has highlighted the impulse on the part of the Board to renewable energies, highlighting that in the region “there are adequate conditions to lead the energy transition in Spain through the use of its resources most abundant natural: the sun, wind and biomass and our province is key to it ”. Mestre has indicated that “among all the provinces, it is Cádiz, where we are today, the one that leads wind energy in Andalusia. In it there are more 1,396 megawatts of installed power and, in addition, it has 40.5% of the total Andalusian terrestrial wind power ”.

On the other hand, the delegate of the Andalusian Government in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, explained that Malaga is “one of the most dynamic Andalusian provinces” and that in recent years it has undergone a great growth in its electricity generation park with renewable energies; in particular, wind energy, which has multiplied its power by ten since 2007. “The Andalusian Government’s commitment is to increase this production to help Andalusia continue to lead the generation of sustainable and environmentally friendly electricity,” Navarro has assured.

The Secretary General of Industry, Energy and Mines, Fernando Arauz de Robles has pointed out the prominent role of wind power in Andalusia, with 3,448 MW of wind power installed today and 153 parks in service, and said, “If we talk about potential, according to a study prepared by the Andalusian Energy Agency, we have 478,900 hectares of available surface for the wind resource and a gross potential of terrestrial wind of 25,700 MW ”.

El Tesorillo Wind Farm

El Tesorillo Wind Farm has a power of 26 megawatts (MW) and will produce around 84 GWh per year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of more than 33,000 homes, that is, 8 times the consumption of Casares and San Martin del Tesorillo. It has a total of 12 latest generation and high efficiency wind turbines, with a unit power of 2.2 MW each.

This project involves an investment of about 25 million euros and during its construction has created about 200 jobs.

In addition, this infrastructure will allow the use of other sources of conventional electricity generation to be displaced, helping to reduce pollutant and greenhouse emissions around 66,000 tons per year, and by 1.6 million tons the emissions of these gases during their entire useful life.

Naturgy has in Andalusia, in addition to this new infrastructure, with two more wind farms that add a capacity of 55 MW. These facilities are located, one in Jerez de la Frontera, the P.E. La Rabia, and another in the municipality of Casares (Málaga), the P.E. The plains.

Likewise, Naturgy has several renewable energy projects in development in the region that total about 300 MW, confirming the company’s commitment to Andalusia.

During 2019, the energy multinational has launched nearly 800 MW of renewables in Spain thanks to an investment of 600 million euros.

In line with its commitment to the energy transition, the company has increased its renewable capacity, reaching almost 5 GW.