Wind energy in Argentina, first wind farm in Neuquén

The first wind power project in the province will start generating at the end of March. The company responsible for the work plans to put into operation only five wind turbines. In June, all wind turbines will be operational. A few days ago the assembly of the first tower was completed.

A few meters from kilometer 1404 of Route 237 are located the first towers of the first wind farm that will have the province of Neuquén: Neuquinos Winds I.
The work will be a boost for the economies of Picún Leufú (49 km away) and Piedra del Águila (38 km away).

From the route, over a hillside, the only mill that is now fully assembled and will be part of the 29 that are projected.

A gravel road, about 9 kilometers, separates the route from the logistics base from which all the tasks related to the work are coordinated. There, the wind pushes hard, but mainly in a sustained way, one of the essential conditions to install a wind farm.
The North American AES is the company that owns the project and the one that in total will invest 140 million dollars to raise the wind giant that will have the capacity to generate 100 MW.
29 are the wind turbines that Neuquinos I Winds will have when the works are finished mid-year.
In order to meet the objectives, from the firm Nordex Acciona, which hired AES for the work, they decided to start working at night to meet the objectives.