Wind energy, concentrated solar power and photovoltaic progress in Chile

Chile builds the Cerro Dominador concentrating solar thermal power plant, the first concentrated solar power in Latin America, and will soon replace coal with wind power and photovoltaic energy.

2019 was a great year for solar energy in Chile. It maintained its place as the leading source in renewable generation and, according to the projections for the next year, will continue with this position.

The photovoltaic projects add, in installed capacity, 2,648 MW, which places it above other renewables, with wind turbines in second place.

This same situation also occurs in two other areas: in plants and projects that are under construction, with 1,625 MW of solar versus 1,035 MW generated by the wind farm plants and in projects that have an Environmental Qualification Resolution. In the latter, the difference becomes even more noticeable, with 17,670 MW of production thanks to the solar power and 11,076 MW in future wind power projects.

Solar energy, along with the other NCRE, rather than being from the future, are the energy of the present.