Wind energy in Sweden, First wind farm to utilize Nordex N149/5.X wind turbines

Ardian and Nordic developer OX2 are relying, for the first time, on Nordex wind turbines of the 5 MW class for the 286 MW wind farm “Åndberg”. The Nordex Group had already booked this order comprising 53 wind turbines as order intake in 2019, at that time on the basis that N149/4.0-4.5 wind turbines of the 4-MW class would be used. In December 2019, the customers and Nordex signed a contract for the use of even more powerful turbines at the wind farm. This makes the Åndberg project the first wind farm using the new N149/5.X wind turbine, which the Nordex Group introduced in March 2019.

Åndberg is currently being constructed in the province of Härjedalen, near Lillhärdal in western Sweden. The wind farm was sold to Ardian, a leading international private investment company, in February 2019 and forms part of their Nordic sustainable energy investment platform, eNordic. Following its completion in 2021, Åndberg will annually provide clean electricity in excess of 800 GWh, making it one of the largest wind farms in Sweden. Developer OX2 delivers the wind farm through an engineering and construction (EPC) agreement with Ardian.

Simo Santavirta, Head of Asset Management, Ardian Infrastructure, says: “These new turbines are innovative engineering, delivering impressive power, flexibility and efficiency. We are always looking to use the very best technological solutions for our assets and these turbines are a good example of this”.

Paul Stormoen, CEO at OX2 says: “We have a long-standing relationship with Nordex and are happy to see them continuing to develop competitive turbines suitable for the growing Nordic market”.

“We are pleased that OX2 has again opted for our wind turbines last year,” says Patxi Landa, CSO of the Nordex Group. “Technologically the N149/5.X is based on the N149/4.0-4.5 turbine type from the Delta4000 series. The N149/5.X can also be flexibly operated in different modes, depending on project requirements – and now in the 5+ MW power range too.”