New wind energy tower technique

A Brazilian company, Dois A Engenharia e Tecnologia, concluded this week the execution of the first prefabricated wind turbine bases in Brazil with several advances in the assembly of wind farms.

The new technology is being applied at wind farm Ventos, in Serra do Mel-Voltalia. With the use of the new technology, there is a gain of more than six meters in the placement height of the center of the wind turbine, which increases its wind power generation.

The prefabricated base is considered a surface base, used in soils of too much resistance. This type of foundation is formed by a slab of reinforced concrete in situ, with circular or polygonal shape, air. In its inferior face there are nerves of rectangular or trapezoidal contour, which can be prefabricated or also reinforced and concreted in situ, to make the upper slab more rigid. Your job is profitable when you want to save time on construction and financial expenses.