Trump leads climate denialism and mocks wind energy

He says that if she had won “the corrupt Hillary” the country would be full of wind turbines.

It has been during a rally in the state of Pennsylvania, one of the most supporters of its policies and where steel companies are the major emitters of polluting gases. Faced with an audience delivered, the president of the United States has questioned climate change by ridiculing renewable energy and, in particular, wind turbines.

In a burlesque tone, he assured that if she had won the “corrupt Hillary Clinton”, the city landscape would be full of “windmills everywhere”.

He has also simulated a conversation with his wife in which he said: “Honey, I want to watch TV and there’s no damn wind, what can I do?” With a loud laugh and sarcasm, Trump has assured that “there will be no more wind or more life and that the ocean level will skyrocket in the next two hundred and fifty years … We will be annihilated!”