Wind energy in Argentina, inaugurated the García del Río wind farm

With the presence of the mayor Héctor Gay and Sebastian Kind, national undersecretary of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency, the García del Río wind farm was inaugurated this afternoon, located at kilometer 38 of national route 33.

   This venture is the first technological investment in our country of Envision Energy Argentina, a Chinese capital company, leader in the renewable energy market.

   It is also the first of the four parks awarded to the aforementioned firm in the so-called Round 1 of RenovAr, the national government’s program that aims to supply electricity through alternative sources.
On the occasion the community leader was “proud as a Municipality for this type of development, the first with Chinese technology in our environment. Clearly Bahía Blanca entered the era of renewable energy in the best possible way, with several projects that mark a milestone ”.

   He also said that “the added value that a park has is immense, from the workers, the logistics of the port, the resources of the universities, as well as in each one that intervenes in this virtuous circle, which allows for a special sense to the wind” .

   It is worth mentioning that this park has an installed capacity of 10MW and four wind turbines with a height of 90 meters.

   The turbines have exclusive intelligent control technology and advanced measurement methods, efficient data collection systems and availability control.
The design allows us to accurately perceive the external conditions of the environment, ensuring optimal operation, maximizing its generation and useful life, with the possibility of improving generation performance by 20 percent over traditional technology.

   Xibo Chen, executive vice president of Envision participated in the event; Rafael Valdez Mingramm, general director of that firm for Latin America and the Caribbean; Santiago Domínguez, on behalf of Sowitec Argentina, and Gustavo Zilber, member of the Cammesa group.

   Community, provincial and business officials from Bahía Blanca also attended.