Protermosolar: Luis Crespo inaugurates the congress Concentrated Solar Power Madrid 2019

Luis Crespo participates in CSP Madrid 2019 and will open the congress together with the IDAE general director. Luis Crespo, president of Protermosolar, will expose the unique characteristics of storage and flexibility of solar thermal technology, making it essential for electric decarbonization.

The president of Protermosolar, Luis Crespo, together with Joan Groizard, General Director of IDAE, will give the inaugural conferences of the CSP Madrid 2019 congress, the largest international event of the concentrated solar power sector to be held on November 19 and 20 in Madrid.
In the first plenary session of the event, Spanish Energy Climate Plan: 5GW of New Concentrating Solar Power Plants by 2030, Luis Crespo will analyze the main factors that will contribute to the future development of projects and innovations of the solar thermal energy sector in Spain and Europe, at time that will explain the next challenges and challenges of the industry in the 2030 horizon.
Along these lines, the president of Protermosolar will present the opportunities derived from European policies in the framework of cross-border projects, aimed at providing renewable electricity on a regular basis after sunset in the countries of Central Europe.
In addition, Luis Crespo will emphasize the multiple benefits and functionalities that energy storage entails in solar thermal power plants that, in addition to allowing complementary dispatch to photovoltaic generation after sunset, can maintain a strategic reserve for the system Electric always have the availability of solar thermal power plants in the hours of maximum demand, regardless of whether or not that day or days or weeks had been sunny.
The president of Protermosolar will also refer to the role that the new 5 GW of concentrated solar thermal included in the PNIEC will play in the Spanish context.
The congress will feature interventions by around 50 professionals and specialists from the sector at an international level that will address issues, among others, related to the design, development and deployment of solar thermal plants; how are some of the largest international projects in the field of energy being developed; the current trends towards hybrid technology and storage systems and the analysis around financial and risk management issues related to the industry.
The most important international event for the solar thermal industry, of great interest to the developers of this manageable renewable technology, will feature attendees and participants from China, the Middle East, North Africa, the United States and Chile, among others. It is a world-wide space in which the main leaders of solar thermal energy will be able to exchange knowledge and draw ties in an extensive network to develop future plans for solar thermal energy.
Protermosolar is the association that represents the Spanish sector of the solar thermal industry and is made up of 48 members. The solar thermal technology, in which Spain is an international leader, has recently broken into the global renewable energy landscape and currently has great growth potential due to its manageability and storage capacity, its high job creation local and for its potential for cost reduction. The installed capacity in Spain is 2,300 MW and the contribution of Spanish companies in international markets is around 75%.