2nd International Workshop on Small and Medium Wind Energy at Nordic Folkecenter

Declaration from the 2nd International Conference/Workshop on Small and Medium Wind Energy at Nordic Folkecenter in Denmark, 7-10 October 2019

Small and medium wind has a future. Several manufacturers have already reached mass production, often with products that are properly tested, certified and proven in operation. There is demand for the products, presently especially on a few markets, but there is potential in most parts of the world.

Small and medium wind is for different applications – on-grid, off-grid, grid-backup and water supply, often in combination with other innovative ideas and technologies, such as in hybrid energy systems. Regarding water supply, not only can wind be used for water pumping, but also for desalination. Among other things, this is useful in agriculture,
for irrigation and providing clean water for people and livestock.

Small and medium wind is of special importance for many islands and other remote locations, which often have good wind conditions, but are conventionally supplied by energy by importing fossil fuel, which is costly, can be risky and is certainly not sustainable in the long run.

Small and medium wind can contribute to local empowerment, for example by local manufacturing, creating local jobs, lower carbon footprint and green profitability, such as where they replace fossil fuel consumption in conventional generators on remote sites.

Small and medium wind is a key for energy independence, especially in areas with good wind conditions and where there is a long dark winter. This is the situation for example in the arctic areas.

What is needed now is to increase the awareness of the opportunities of small wind, of how tested, certified and proven products can be found by potential buyers and favorable rules. We also call for the creation of an institute dedicated to education and training in small and medium wind energy, including e-learning.

Signed on October 9th, 2019

Sven Ruin, Salah Ibrahim, Galal Osman, Ulrich Høgenhaven, Rolf Sloth, Atilla Öztürk, Mert Sugür, Jannik Kappel,Frits Ogg, Finn Jensen, George Kakelezhe, Niels Martin Jørgensen, Niels H. Jacobsen, Carsten Lauridsen, Thorstein Midttun, Jane Kruse, Tonny Brink, Anker Mardal, Morten V. Petersen, Sjouke Ritsema, Felipe Gutierrez, Carolina Nunes Hidalgo, Boye A. Robertson, Otto Reinke, Daniele Pagani, Pia Jakobsen, Ionel-
Cristinel Putinica, Imhotep Lawrence, Ginio Franker, Ijssebrand Ziel, Christian Grant, Immanuel Dorn, Jean-Daniel Pitteloud, Anemettia Mathiasen-Fontain, Laura Schultz, Christopher Biermann, Anna Krenz, Ioannis Skondriakos, Micha Sörgel, Svend W. Enevoldsen, Irene Vester, Vera Teglgaard, Lennart Petersen, Bo Andersen, Sönke Pörksen, Lise Nielson, Namid Krüger, Ronja Schwenkler.