Galicia will install a total of 480 megawatts of wind energy in 2019

The Galician Wind Energy Association (EGA) indicates that the year 2019 will be closed with 480 megawatts (MW) of new installed wind power coming from twenty parks that have entered the final stretch of its construction.

“Therefore we will be around 4,000 MW, but our firm goal is to create 500 new MW every year until 2030,” he says. The president of the entity, José Manuel Pazo, adds that, in maintaining that regularity, “that will be the true revolution that returns Galicia to the leadership of the sector.”

Through a press release, EGA notes that next year half of the Galician parks will be over 15 years old, a lifetime that puts them “on the grid of repowering.”

“This means that the old machines of half a MW of power could be replaced by others of 4 MW, significantly reducing the amount of wind turbines on the mountain and its landscape impact,” he says.

But, to address this repowering, it demands «fiscal aid, agility in administrative processing and an increase in the power to evacuate». “Technology is going very fast, soon there will be 5.6 MW of turbines on the market,” he added.