Windfloat Atlantic begins offshore wind power of the first floating wind farm in continental Europe

The first WindFloat Atlantic unit – which will have the world’s largest marine wind turbine on a floating platform – has set off for its final destination off the Portuguese coast of Viana do Castelo, where the exploitation of the floating wind farm will take place.

Since it can be located in very deep waters, WindFloat can access energy resources in extremely large marine areas in order to address major social challenges, such as the transition to cleaner energy, energy security and climate change, by time that generates jobs, economic growth and opportunities for sustainable investment.
The first platform with the fully installed Windfloat Atlantic wind turbine has departed from the Spanish port of Ferrol towards its final destination 20 km off the coast of Viana do Castelo, in Portugal. Once it reaches its final location, the three floating structures – with a height of 30 meters and a distance of 50 meters between each of its columns – will be installed and form the first floating wind farm in continental Europe.

The structure that has departed from the outer port of Ferrol encompasses a floating platform and a wind turbine, the largest ever installed on a surface of these characteristics. In the coming months, the other two platforms will be incorporated to complete the wind farm that, with its 25 MW of installed capacity, will be able to generate enough energy to supply the equivalent of 60,000 users per year.