Wind energy in Greece: Kafireas wind farm complex has been inaugurated

Kafireas, Greece’s wind farm complex has been inaugurated. Composed of seven wind farms on the island of Evia, the facility has a total installed capacity of 154 MW and will be able to generate approx. 480 GWh per year.

Greece has taken one more step along the path of energy transition. Enel Green Power has brought online today its new 154 MW Kafireas wind power facility.

Located in the Municipality of Karystos (Evia), this complex is the largest wind farm in Greece. It was built with an overall investment of 300 million euros. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Greece’s Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Minister of the Environment and Energy, Kostis Hatzidakis, the CEO of Global Power Generation, Antonio Cammisecra, Enel’s Director of European and Euro-Mediterranean Affairs, Simone Mori, and Director of Power Generation Europe, Aristotelis Chantavas.

“This important project shines the spotlight on our dedication to renewable energy and decarbonization, aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Objectives, as well as on our commitment to having a diversified mix of power generation in the nation.”

– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power

Enel Green Power already operates two wind farms in the municipality of Karystos, the 7.5 MW Iliolousti I and the 9 MW Iliolousti II. With Kafireas, the company has reached over 460 MW of installed capacity from wind power (about 354 MW), solar power (about 90 MW) and hydroelectric power (about 20 MW).

Kafireas, which is composed of 67 wind turbines spread across seven wind farms, will be capable of generating approximately 480 GWh per year, which is set to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by by nearly 494,000 tons annually. The facility will be supporte by a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Hellenic Electricity Market Operator (DAPEEP).

The construction of Kafireas was based on Enel Green Power’s “Sustainable Construction Site” model, which involved recycling 550,000 tons of excavation material to repair an inactive quarry, and collaborating with the local community to reuse 10 tons of building materials, such as wooden pallets, to restore shepherds’ stables in the area. As well, the construction site was energetically independent and produced zero emissions thanks to the installation of solar panels.

“In addition to supplying energy nationally with zero emissions, this project focused strongly on the local community. Just as we are supporting our stakeholders on Evia Island by carrying out sustainability initiatives aimed at improving the local economy, we are also actively protecting the environment.”

– Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power

In line with the Creating Shared Value (CSV) model adopted by the Enel Group, which aims to combine business development and local community needs, EGP has taken actions in support of local beekeeping and livestock breeding. Other initiatives being carried out include the reforestation of around 100 hectares, including the wild chestnut forest of Kastanologgos of 64 hectares.