Wind power in the Netherlands: Enercon will supply wind turbines to the 60.45 MW Oostpolder wind farm

Enercon has secured a contract to deliver 13 wind turbines for the Windpark Oostpolder development in the Netherlands.

The deal is for E-136 EP5 4.65MW wind turbines, 12 of which will go to Waddenwind and one to Gijzenberg Windenergie.

The wind turbines will have a rotor diameter of 136 metres and 155-metre hub heights.

The wind farm will generate over 200 million kilowatt-hours of electricity when operational.

Construction is scheduled to start next summer.

Windpark Oostpolder is named after a polder – reclaimed land – with the same name, located to the south of Eemshaven port.

The 12 Waddenwind wind turbines will be situated in the Oostpolder’ eastern section, and the remaining Gijzenberg wind turbine just outside its southern border.

Another eight E-136 EP5 wind turbines are in a planning stage within the Oostpolder’s western part.

Topwind Consultancy conducted the wind turbine tender process and operations and maintenance contracts on behalf of Windpark Oostpolder.