Angola will invest 180 million dollars in a wind farm

Investments of 180 million dollars for wind power production will begin next year in the Angolan province of Malanje, the company in charge of the works announced today.

The Spanish firm V y V Rending S.A. said that the executions of wind farm and wind turbines will take place in the municipality of Kiwaba Nzoji, in the center of the country, which will contribute to the use of renewable sources with environmental benefits.

The president of the company, Pedro Luis Villar, confirmed that the issue was addressed on Tuesday with the authorities of the territory, during a meeting with the deputy governor of Malanje for the political, economic and social sector, Domingos Eduardo.

According to him, the Ministry of Energy and Water completed the feasibility studies in the area identified for future wind energy installations and the assembly of the first wind farm will begin in January 2020.

The initiative will include the assembly of 100 kilometers of high-voltage power grid, said Villar, who also confirmed the commitment to build a school and a hospital in the municipality of Kiwaba Nzoji, as part of the entity’s social responsibility.

V and V Rending S.A. also provides for hydropower projects, which will be developed in other regions of the country, he said.