Danilo Medina attends the start of operations Matafongo Wind Farm

President Danilo Medina participated this morning in the start of operations of Matafongo Wind Farm, which will contribute 34 megawatts to the National Interconnected Electric System (SENI), diversifying the country’s energy matrix.

Matafongo Wind Farm, has 17 wind turbines of two megawatts of nominal unit power, each of them has a transformer that raises the generation voltage (690 V) to the internal transport of the park (34.5 kV).

It is estimated that the production of this park will be around 91,800 MWh, equivalent to 3,100 hours of annual production.

More than 30 thousand homes with energy

The project, developed by Grupo Eólico Dominicano, S.A., with contributions from Genera Avante and with financing from Banco Popular Dominicana and Banco del Progreso, has an investment of approximately US $ 71 million.

It will supply more than 30 thousand homes, thus reducing dependence on oil and derivatives.

Matafongo will also help energy sustainability, environmental health, promoting tourism and avoiding emitting millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The energy of the future

During the event, Javier Casáis, director of Energía Inveravante SL, explained that in these times the energy is decisive for the development of the towns and that renewable energy will be the energy of the future.

“After 10 years we can see the product of the effort materialized in this magnificent project that will empower the entire southern region of the country and will be another element of prosperity for this magnificent country,” he said.

25% of national energy production

The executive vice president of the Dominican Corporation of State Electric Companies (CDEEE), Rubén Jiménez Bichara, indicated that with the Plan to Support Renewable Energy Projects, promoted by CDEEE and Special Power 121-15, 12 projects were approved, 7 are wind, 4 photovoltaic and one of biomass.

For this year 2019, generation production, product of conventional and unconventional renewable sources, will reach 25% of all national energy production.

“The President’s vision not only makes it possible for the light to be present in all homes permanently, but also that vision of country and government has raised a nation, and with that vision we must move forward.”

Renewable energy capacity installed in RD amounts to 402.4 MW

On his side, the executive director of the National Energy Council, Ángel Canó, stressed that Matafongo is the ninth renewable energy project put into operation under the management of President Danilo Medina and the third of the year, with which a total contribution is reached to the National Interconnected Electric System (SENI) of 402.4 MW of clean energy without hydroelectric plants, making the generation matrix of the Dominican Republic a regional reference.

Prior to the event, the head of state shared with investors, in a friendly and relaxed environment, about the country’s potential in renewable energy.

2019 will be even better: 604.6 MW of clean energy

For this year there will be unprecedented progress in the development of private initiatives for non-conventional renewable energy, with the implementation of the Guanillo and Guzmancito projects that will generate 50 megawatts and 48.3 megawatts of energy from the wind, respectively.

Also, Solar Canoa that will provide 25 megawatts of photovoltaic energy; Puerto Plata-Imbert, 46 megawatts of wind power; and Washington Capital, 50 megawatts of photovoltaic energy.

In 2012, the installed capacity was just 85.5 MW (3%). With the 34 megawatts that are incorporated today (without hydroelectric plants), the Dominican Republic produces 402.4 megawatts of renewable energy.

The projection for this year is to generate 604.6 megawatts of renewable energy, not including hydroelectric plants.


During the administration of the Government of Danilo Medina, the hydroelectric plants have also been part of the progress in the country’s energy system, from August 2012 to 2019 they generated 11,193,395 MWh of gross electricity.

Attending the event

Together with the head of state, were also present:

    Ángel Estévez, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources.
    René Grullón, senior executive vice president of National and International Business of the Banco Popular Dominicano
    Wilfredo González, general manager of the Dominican Wind Group.
    Antonio de la Morena, vice president of Grupo Inveravante SL.
    Alejandro Abellán García, extraordinary ambassador and plenipotentiary of Spain in the Dominican Republic.
    Nelly Melo de Guerrero, provincial governor.
    Wilton Guerrero Dumé, senator from Peravia province.
    César Prieto, Superintendent of Electricity.
    José Alfredo Rodríguez Uceta, pastor of San José de Ocoa.
    Roberto Rodríguez Marchena, Government spokesman and General Director of Communication.