Expectation for Round 4 of Renew in Argentina

During his presentation in Argentina Wind Power held in Buenos Aires, the Undersecretary of Renewable Energies, Sebastián Kind, assured that in order to achieve that 20% of the energy matrix required by law 27,191 will have to launch round 4. The second edition of Argentina Wind Power is organized by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the Argentine Wind Chamber (CEA).

Kind said that to date, 244 renewable energy projects were awarded for a total of 6.5 gW of power between different government programs and initiatives. The account includes central RenovAr Program, the Term Market (Mater), which corresponds to contracts between private parties, and resolution 202, which includes the old renewable projects.

By 2020, the Government expects that there will be about 7,000 mW of installed power with clean sources, which would allow to reach approximately 14% of the matrix

For this reason, to reach 2025 with 20% Kind warned in his powerpoint exposed in the event that only through the launch of round 4 of the RenovAr Program can this objective be met. By the end of 2019, Argentina will have less than 10% with renewable sources. And between 2020 and 2023 the installation of new plants is not foreseen.
At the beginning of the year, in an adverse economic scenario with regard to access to financing, but better than the existing one, the Government publicly announced that it will launch the tender specifications for the Round 4 clean energy auction, proposed exclusively for large projects.
Unlike Round 3, the particularity of this bidding round that due to the electric transport restrictions, the Government stated that the participants should take charge of the transportation lines since they require gigantic investments and could not be made so far.
The original idea was to launch the specifications in November of this year with the intention of allocating a minimum of 1,000 mW of power, of which 750 MW would be wind power and 250 MW for photovoltaic solar energy.

The truth is that the Undersecretariat has the specifications and conditions ready. However, after losing Mauricio Macri to the primary elections, STEP by so much difference, Sebastián Kind put the plan on hold, waiting for an interlocutor of the Front of All led by Alberto Fernández to analyze the situation.

If the next Government were interested in carrying out Round 4, the current administration would have no problem launching the specifications, even knowing that financing would be a difficult challenge to face.

Until now, no reference in Fernández’s energy has been present in the portfolio conducted by Gustavo Lopetegui and its launch remains in abeyance.Enviar comentariosHistorialGuardadas