Bío Bío will be a leader in wind energy in Chile in 2021

The province of Bío Bío is projected as a leader in wind energy in 2021. The portfolio seremi stressed that the energy produced in the area has increased by 100% since 2015.

The drop in energy costs such as wind caused an increase in the number of projects of this type in the area.

The above was ratified by the Energy seremi in the region, Mauricio Henríquez, who stressed that the above, allows these initiatives to be installed in the hydroelectric projects even in the province of Bío Bío.
In that sense, Henríquez stressed that the amount of energy generated through these projects has grown 100%. In 2015 there were 7 megawatts, today there are 120. By 2021 it should reach 500 megawatts.
Therefore, the authority said they expect that by 2021, the province of Bío Bío will be the area with the greatest sources of wind power.