‘Wind Turbines Don’t Cause Cancer, They Cause Jobs’: 2020 Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee

“Wind turbines don’t cause cancer. Trump is wrong. They cause jobs,” he said during a chat on ‘Real Time.’

California Governor – and 2020 presidential candidate – Jay Inslee is taking aim at President Trump’s stance on the environment as the mounts his campaign to unseat the Republican incumbent. During an interview with Bill Maher yesterday, Governor Inslee blasted Trump’s claim that wind turbines are bad for people’s health.

For Inslee, America’s future is wind-powered industries and electric cars.

“We’re going to have electric cars like I have,” he explained. “I’ve got an all-electric GM Bolt made by American autoworkers in Orion, Michigan. That’s a destiny for America—for jobs in this country.”

For more on Inslee’s plan to tackle the climate crisis and reshape America’s energy policy, check out the full interview in the clip below.