Wind energy in Yucatan: inaugurate Dzilam Bravo wind farm with 66 wind turbines

Yucatan is at the forefront in the generation of wind power and renewable energy to protect the environment with the operation of the Dzilam Bravo Wind Farm, Eólica Golfo 1, inaugurated by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and through which it will contribute to meet the needs in electricity consumption in the state, at the same time that it becomes an important magnet for new investments.

Accompanied by Benigno Villareal del Río, director of the company Vive Energía, Vila Dosal made the cut of the inaugural ribbon of this project that is added to the competitiveness and sustainable development of the state through its 28 wind turbines, which produce 70 megawatts, providing a year of approximately 270 gigawatts, that is, equivalent to the supply of 170 thousand homes during that period.

For the construction of this park, which meant an investment of more than 120 million dollars, 400 direct jobs were created, while for its operation, which began in November last year, 50 formal jobs were created. In addition, due to its large capacity, it helps to prevent the emission of approximately 150 thousand tons of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere.

In the presence of the Ambassador of Mexico and Vice President of the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Sergio Ley López, the Governor affirmed that it is with investments of this type that today Yucatan is making its way in energy, an area in which it has a great future. which reiterated the support of his Government to the arrival of bets of this kind to the state.

“This project comes at a very good time and to continue this way we have to work hand in hand and coordinate, together with the Federal Government and the private sector, a type of work that we must continue to promote in Yucatán,” he said to the host mayor. Daniel Armando Herrera Rivera, and business representatives.

Along with the director for America and the Caribbean in Envision Energy International, Rafael Valdez Mingramm, the Governor announced that new projects are approaching for the state, since 23 permits are registered for new wind and solar power generation parks that, if all are realized , would add a renewable generation of 3,400 megawatts and an investment of approximately 4,500 million dollars.

Vila Dosal recalled that the supply of electricity has been a matter of great concern in the state, since at the moment there is only one transmission line for the entire Yucatan Peninsula; However, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has begun investing in a new line, which will leave Chiapas and reach Ticul, which will improve the service.

Before the Director of Manufacturing and Engineering for Latin America of Companies Taking Power (MARS), Eduardo Gonzalez, indicated that although the country is in an economic framework that begins to present unfavorable figures in the economy, in Yucatan the indicators are positive, since at the end of 2018 there was an economic growth of over 3%, which placed it in sixth place at the national level.

In terms of job creation, reported that in the first quarter of 2019 grew 105%, compared to the same period last year, that is, it went from 2,326 to 4,772 jobs.

“Yucatan occupies, in this first quarter of the year 2019, the second place in the list of the states with the lowest level of unemployment, this with a rate of 1.7%, while last year we finished it with 1.8%, to be the third place at the national level, “he added to the president of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco), José Manuel López Campos.

On the subject of security, he reaffirmed his interest to always be one step ahead of crime, which is why this year an increase of 20% of the budget of the Ministry of Public Security was allocated for the hiring of 300 new police officers; the acquisition of 350 new patrols, of which the first 250 will be delivered this May, as well as the lease of a helicopter to shield the border with the state of Quintana Roo.

While in tourism, Holy Week ended with practically 30% more hotel occupancy and in the first six months of this administration 7 new air routes were achieved, bound for the Bajío, Villahermosa, Hermosillo, Oaxaca, Tijuana, Chihuahua and the reactivation of the Toronto.

In this context, he indicated that a playground will be built in Dzilam de Bravo and work will begin on the activation of his House of Culture, which will receive equipment as musical instruments. The teachers and will have a computer classroom with free Internet access so that it can be used by all the inhabitants of the municipality.

The Dzilam Bravo Wind Farm, Eólica Golfo 1, is located in a polygon of 1,346 hectares, of which only 4% is occupied.