Sweden set for 2.3 GW wind power in 2019

Wind energy plants with a combined generation capacity of more than 1 GW were approved in Sweden during the first quarter of 2019, putting the Nordic country on track to double its wind farm generation capacity by 2022.

Final investment decisions were made on 1225 MW worth of wind turbines projects in the period from January to March, up from 550 MW on-year, according to the Swedish Wind Energy Association.

The association expects 2,329 MW of new capacity to be added in the 2019 calendar year, bringing total capacity to 9,724 MW by year-end.

Swedish wind power production currently stands at 19 TWh and SWEA expects it to rise to 38 TWh by 2022.

“Wind power is now a full-fledged technology that can be built without support,” said SWEA chief executive Charlotte Unger Larson.

Among the biggest wind farm projects currently under development is Enercon’s 844 MW Maximus in the country’s north, which is slated to go live by the third quarter of 2021.