Egypt inaugurates the largest wind farm in the Middle East

Egypt”s Ministry of Electricity announced that preparations have been completed to inaugurate the largest wind power plant in the Middle East.

The modern facility required a budget of 12 billion Egyptian pounds (about 670 million dollars) for its construction and is located in the Jabal al-Zeit area in the east of the country.

It consists of three administrative buildings, including the control rooms, designed with the latest international standards and state-of-the-art technology to allow personnel to control all the turbines at the same time and connect them to the national electric power grid.

The extension of 100 square kilometers includes 290 wind turbines to set up a total capacity of 580 megawatts, with a production rate of two megawatts per turbine.

As a novel element, the plant is equipped with a radar monitoring system for migratory birds to stop the turbines when they pass and then operate again, a technology that is used for the first time in the world.

The location of the station is also one of the best sites on the entire planet for investment in wind power projects. The wind speed is between 12 and 33 meters per second and the surface is flat, without curves or rocks.