e-BO Enterprises chooses EdgeCentrix technology for offshore LTE networks

Quortus has announced a collaboration with e-BO Enterprises, a Belgian provider of smart content distribution platforms, network operation services, secure cloud computing solutions and network infrastructure, to enable LTE voice and data solutions for offshore wind farms.

The companies’ jointly developed solution is already commercially deployed in two North Sea wind farm installations, where it provides reliable, ubiquitous wireless voice and data coverage, allowing maintenance and construction co-workers to communicate across the offshore site and onshore control centres.

e-BO’s e-Wind offering is a complete all-in-one development and management solution for wind farms, encompassing resourcing, logistics and communications. Quortus contributes virtualized LTE core network functionality to enable LTE Network in a Box (NiB) solutions that function as standalone private networks, or interconnect to existing Mobile Network Operator (MNO) infrastructure. Using this technology, e-BO can create a broadband-like experience across an entire offshore site.

“We are delighted to partner with e-BO on its offshore deployments,” said Andy Odgers, CEO of Quortus. “This is a perfect example of the application of LTE in a solution-suited capacity and shows the flexibility of Quortus software-based core network products. Virtualization projects such as this demonstrate the potential of our technology to enable new business and service models. We look forward to continuing to develop our partnership with e-BO in the future.”

Christophe Dhaene, e-BO CEO, commented: “Designing a networking infrastructure for offshore use requires a special approach. e-BO’s solutions deliver high availability, scalability, and best-in-class security features: and all of this in a physically hostile environment. Quortus’ technology is not just market leading, but also flexible enough to be adapted to this incredibly demanding application. Bringing together e-BO’s network design and delivery expertise and Quortus’ advanced core network technology is a winning combination.”

e-BO provides a full solution for offshore wind facilities, including network design, deployment and maintenance, with team members certified for work offshore. All installations are based on high-quality hardware with a mean time to first failure (MTTF) of 30 years. The company also provides advanced, high-level business operations systems including a marine coordination tool, asset management system, and a wind farm management facility which includes real-time reporting to optimize energy yield and long-term planning tools for complete performance analysis.