Brazil closes 2017 with 12.76 GW of wind energy capacity

Brazil’s installed wind power capacity hit 12.76 GW at the end 2017, the National Wind Energy Association (Abeeolica) said.

Brazil had 508 operational wind farms at the end of the last year, according to the association’s monthly bulletin. Abeeolica estimates that 223 more wind farms will join the list in the near future, with 5.11 GW of wind capacity under construction or with signed contracts.

The association’s bulletin also shows that of the 62.89 average gigawatts (GWa) generated across all energy sources in the country in November 2017, wind plants accounted for 5.45 GWa.

The bulletin additionally presents a ranking of the states with the highest wind capacity to date. Rio Grande do Norte is the leader with a total capacity of 3,678.9 MW and 135 wind farms. Bahia follows with 2,410 MW.