Tall tower solutions secure another wind power order in China

Vestas’ high tower solutions continue to open up the Chinese wind energy market for projects in low- and ultra-low-wind sites. Vestas’ new tubular steel tower offers higher hub height, increasing energy output at a much lower weight than the towers usually used in the Chinese market. The reduced use of steel in these taller towers helps to reduce the cost of energy, while allowing access to higher wind and more consistent wind speeds, maximising opportunities to harvest energy.

The 55 MW order for 25 V110-2.0 MW turbines with 2.2 MW Power Optimised Mode is for a project in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province. The hub height of the turbines is 137 meters, levelling the record high in the Chinese market set recently by Vestas with a project in the Shandong Province.

“Our high tower solution in China shows that the right technology can make a strong business case in a very competitive market, and this order is a testament to that. Our tall, low-weight towers allow us to customise the wind solution to the specific site conditions, while lowering cost. Together with our high-quality turbine products and world-class service solutions, I’m confident our ability to customise solutions in China offer a strong offering to our customers”, said Kebao Yang, President of Vestas China.

Since 2001, Vestas has installed nearly 6,000 turbines worldwide with hub heights of over 100 meters, mounting to an installed capacity of over 14 GW. Among them, over 1,100 turbines are taller than 130 meters and more than 700 turbines are taller than 140 meters.

The project includes a two-year Active Output Management 4000 service contract and takes Vestas’ announced order intake in China to more than 600 MW in 2017. Delivery and commissioning are expected to begin in the first half of 2018.