Nordex Group launches 140 meter-rotor for AW3000 platform

The Nordex Group has launched a new 140-meter rotor option for its AW3000 wind turbine platform that delivers lower cost of energy for lighter-wind sites. The AW140/3000 boasts one of the highest capacity factors in its class and is the latest addition to the proven AW3000 platform.

The design of the AW140/3000 is optimized for specific low-wind conditions which make the turbine a perfect fit for certain markets like India, but it will also be an ideal option in various geographies.

The AW140/3000 is an evolution of previous AW3000 wind turbine models — including the AW132/3000 which has recently been upgraded for medium-wind IEC IIb conditions — and utilizes an innovative concept for increasing the blade length through an integrated extension at the root of the blade. This broader rotor adds 12% more swept area and increases annual energy production by 4.5% – 6.5%, while minimizing the impact on manufacturing costs and time to market.

“The AW140/3000 adds to the range of products we have to reduce the cost of energy in the low-wind high capacity factor segment typical of certain grid-constrained non-European markets,” said Patxi Landa, CSO of the Nordex Group. “This latest advance builds on the global success we’ve had with the AW3000 platform and demonstrates a continued commitment to expand our product lines to bring winning solutions to our customers.”

The AW140/3000 turbine can be installed on 120-meter concrete towers as well as steel towers with hub heights from 82 to over 100 meters. A prototype of the AW140/3000 will begin operation in mid-2018, and due to the currently advanced development, Nordex expects to receive Type Certification for the turbine in the same year. Series production expected to begin in autumn 2018.

The Nordex Group has completed orders for more than 4,400 MW of AW3000 wind turbines in 13 countries. The AW3000 platform currently includes the AW116, AW125, AW132 and AW140 turbines, all of which can be installed on a variety of steel and concrete tower options.