Ireland’s largest wind farm officially opened in Donegal

The Meenadreen wind farm has 38 Nordex N90 2.5MW wind turbines, taking just over two years to complete.

Ireland’s largest ever wind farm officially opened today following a €145m investment by Energia at Meenadreen in Donegal today.

Energia will use power from Meenadreen to supply green electricity to homes and SMEs all over Ireland.

Energia’s new Meenadreen windfarm is among the most technologically advanced generating facilities in the world with 38 turbines producing 95 Megawatts (MW) of electricity.

Each turbine stands 115 metres high with a rotor diameter of 90 metres generating power from strong wind pathways in the area. As Energia’s newest windfarm, Meenadreen alone can power up to 50,000 homes using wind energy which will reduce Ireland’s carbon dioxide emissions by up to 100,000 tonnes each year.

Energia has also successfully completed a pilot project for autonomous drone inspections through predetermined flight paths around the turbines. The new drone capability has the potential to automatically identify snags or defects and helps to enhance overall efficiency and safety on site.

The new windfarm was formally opened by Ian Thom, Group Chief Executive of Energia’s parent company Viridian Group and Peter Bailie, Managing Director of Energia Renewables, together with the Mayor of Donegal Town, Patricia Callaghan.

Ian Thom, Group Chief Executive of Viridian, said: “Energia is one of Ireland’s leading energy investment partners underpinning national competitiveness and the long term sustainability and security of energy supply for the future.

“We’re helping to achieve Ireland’s renewable energy targets through our major renewable energy portfolio where we provide electricity from wind farms all over Ireland.

“We are proud to bring Ireland’s largest windfarm onto the national grid to power homes and businesses all over the island with naturally and sustainably produced electricity.”

Energia expressed its strong appreciation to the local community for their support and co-operation with the company as it set about developing the new windfarm.

Peter Baillie, Managing Director of Energia Renewables said: “This is an internationally prestigious development which is contributing to economic growth and the wellbeing of communities across the island of Ireland through the clean and efficient production of renewable energy.

“We look forward to our continuing partnership with our neighbouring communities through the Meenadreen Community Fund. We will also be a continuing contributor of local authority rates for the lifespan of the windfarm which will be a minimum of 25 years.”