Gamesa steps up purchasing from Spanish suppliers by 17% in 2016

Gamesa purchased €936 million worth of goods and services from Spanish suppliers in 2016, marking year-on-year growth of 17%, with the attendant positive impact in terms of wealth and job creation.

In addition, last year Gamesa increased its Spanish supplier base by 36%, adding 859 new companies to bring the total to 3,237 suppliers.

Spain accordingly accounts for the biggest share of the company’s purchases: 25% by volume and 33% in terms of number of suppliers.

By region, the investment in the Basque region stands out, with a base of 810 suppliers and purchase volume of €321 million, followed by Navarre, where the firm purchased €162 million of good and services from 359 suppliers. Elsewhere, expenditure on the 568 Madrid-based companies amounted to €140 million.

It is also worth highlighting the regions of Asturias (€77m), Catalonia (€60m), Valencia (€41m), Castile la Mancha (€21m) and Castile & León (€19m).

Footprint in Spain
With its headquarters in Zamudio (Vizcaya) and offices in Madrid and Navarre, Gamesa has nearly 4,000 employees in Spain. Moreover, the company has established itself as the country’s largest turbine OEM, having installed more than 12,200 MW, which is over 53% of total installed capacity.

The company also boasts an entrenched industrial presence in the country, with 16 factories from which it manufactures the main parts for its turbines.

Lastly, Gamesa also fosters innovation and training in the wind energy arena by collaborating with leading universities and technology centres across the country.