Suzlon, Gamesa achieve milestones in wind energy capacity installation in India

Suzlon achieved 10,000 MW of wind power capacity installations in India. Gamesa sold over 1,500 MW of wind turbines in 2016.

At the end of one year and the beginning of another, wind turbine manufacturers Suzlon and Gamesa have crossed certain milestones.

Suzlon today said it had achieved 10,000 MW of wind power capacity installations in India. Gamesa, it is learnt, sold over 1,500 MW of turbines in calendar year 2016. Because a MW of capacity sells for ?7 crore, Gamesa’s sales means that the company’s turnover in 2016 crossed the ?10,000-crore mark.

Suzlon has said in a press release that 35 per cent of the wind turbines standing on Indian soil is its. “The entire 10,000 MW is under the service fold of Suzlon and is the largest wind asset management base in the country,” the release says. Operations and maintenance of wind turbines is said to be a high margin business.

In the release, Suzlon’s Chairman and Managing Director, Tulsi Tanti, speaks of a “multi-pronged strategy that covers R&D, manufacture and O&M services.”

Gamesa’s Chairman and Managing Director Ramesh Kymal refused to comment on the company’s performance on the grounds that the numbers were yet to be audited. However, industry sources said that the company, only six-years-old in India, sold over 1,500 MW in 2016. Cumulatively, Gamesa has close to 4,000 MW of turbines in India. The company aims to raise its sales to 4,000 MW a year from 2020.