Nordex welcomes China and US move on COP 21‘s Climate Agreement

China and the USA, two of the most influential economic and political powers, but also the two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases (GHG), agreed, before the G20-Summit in China, to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement.

Given the dynamics of international politics, this step can be regarded as an important move towards enforcing the agreement. The Paris Agreement will come into force when 55 countries that represent 55 percent of global emissions have ratified the treaty. Currently, just 24 countries, representing one percent of global emissions, have so far ratified the agreement.

To achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement, the global energy sector needs to be decarbonised from 2050 onwards according to the findings of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCCC). “In my view, China´s and the USA´s move is an important step towards protecting our planet for future generations,” says Lars Bondo Krogsgaard, CEO of Nordex. “Wind power is definitely part of the solution to decarbonise the energy sector. As an industry we stand ready to support a global energy transition.”