Suzlon installs 900 MW wind energy projects in India in FY16

Suzlon group, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, announced that it has done commissioning of 900 MW projects of wind energy in the financial year 2015-16. Out of which, the commissioning 520 MW is done in the fourth quarter of 2015-16.

This marks 100 percent growth in installations by Suzlon, when compared to 442 MW executed in the previous fiscal year.

Suzlon continues to stand ahead in Indian renewable energy market with cumulative share of 36 percent and presence in 8 states.

In 2016, Telangana also made a debut in wind energy sphere through addition of 78 MW project, installed by Suzlon.

Suzlon, whose Indian market share has grown by 27 percent in 2015-16 from 19 percent in the previous year, has clients from small and medium enterprises (SMEs), public sector units (PSUs), as well as independent power producers.

Suzlon’s latest product, S97 120m – hybrid tower, comprises 134 wind turbines, which is 31 percent of its total capacity of commissioned projects.

With the addition of 900 MW projects, the aggregate installations by Suzlon increased to 15.50 GW, of which 9.50 GW have been installed in India.

Speaking about the success achieved by the firm, Chairman of Suzlon Group, Tulsi Tanti, stated that our growth of 100 percent in installations is more than the 43 percent progress achieved by the Indian industry.

With high number of installations in FY16, wind energy sector of India outshined all the previous records.

Tanti believes that the remarkable advancement in the sector was driven by technology, favourable regulatory environment and conducive policies for renewables, formulated by governments, both state and the Centre.

The 43 percent development indicates the readiness of the industry to gain 60 GW wind energy projects by 2022, as a part of the government’s aim to commission 175GW renewable projects by 2022.

Though the wind energy industry witnessed highs and lows in the past, Tanti stated that the growth of the sector has fastened and India is likely to reach aggregate capacity of 31 GW by FY17.