Wind energy jobs boom in Texas

John Hensley, American Wind Energy Association

Wind power jobs boom in Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and wind power and its well-paying jobs are no exception.

New data from the American Wind Energy Association show there are now 24,000 wind energy jobs in the Lone Star State, 33 percent more than last year. That’s nearly four times more than any other state. Over a quarter of America’s 88,000 total wind power jobs can now be found in Texas. Texas continues to be the national leader in wind energy, with more than double the installed capacity of its closest competitor, Iowa. For the year, Texas generated 10 percent of its electricity with wind, hitting that mark for the first time. That’s a significant milestone for America’s largest energy user.

Continuing to grow wind power does more than create good jobs — it saves Texans money. Through 2050, the state’s residents could save nearly $16 billion on their electricity bills because of wind power. That’s on top of another $39 billion wind saved by protecting consumers from conventional fuel price spikes.

Texans are showing the rest of the country that expanding wind power creates good jobs and keeps more money in the pockets of homeowners and businesses. The state’s residents should be proud of that leadership.