Wind power: Senvion already installed 6,000 wind turbines

Senvion decides not to pursue private placement

Against the background of recent market volatility, Senvion S.A. and its shareholders Centerbridge and Arpwood have decided not to pursue a private placement and listing of shares on
the terms previously communicated.

As the offering is secondary in nature, the decision does not affect the growth strategy of Senvion focused on expanding into new markets and the strong momentum the company is experiencing.

Senvion, a leading global manufacturer of wind turbines, gained more than four percent market share in Europe in 2015 compared to the previous year. As such, Senvion made higher gains in market share than any other manufacturer in the market. The data was compiled by MAKE for their annual study*.

Jürgen Geissinger, CEO of Senvion, said: “We are delighted with this result: It reflects the success of the growth strategy that Senvion has implemented together with Centerbridge in recent months.” In 2015, Senvion recorded 587 installations of onshore wind turbines with a total capacity of 1,462 megawatts (MW) in Europe.

The sales markets were Senvion’s European core markets of Germany, France and the United Kingdom. In addition to the new 94 MW installations in Belgium, the number of new installed capacity in Austria has tripled in comparison to the previous year, and is five times higher in Poland. In Portugal, where the Senvion subsidiaries RiaBlades and Ventipower produce blades, nacelles and hubs, the company has seen an increase in new installations from 14 MW in 2014 to 93 MW in 2015.

In 2015, Senvion was acquired by investment firms Centerbridge and Arpwood and has since strengthened its Product & Technology division, in particular by introducing a new low-wind turbine that, amongst others, particularly suits European low-wind locations. In October 2015, the company installed its first turbine with new electrical system that complies with EU regulations which come into effect from 2017.