Germany hits 3.3 GW offshore wind energy

Germany reached 3.3GW of offshore wind power capacity last year. The data, released by Deutsche WindGuard in its Status of Offshore Wind energy Development in Germany report, showed that by 31 December there were 792 turbines in the German North and Baltic seas feeding electricity to the grid.


A total of 546 new offshore wind turbines totalling 2282.4MW were connected in 2015.

Some 290 turbines totalling at 1169.2 MW were erected last year, with the remainder installed in 2013 and 2014 but only connected in 2015.

A further 41 units with a combined capacity of 246MW were also installed last year, but are not yet fully grid-linked. The report added that 122 foundations were installed in 2015 which are expected to have turbines installed this year.

Offshore wind turbines produced more than 8TWh or 1.4% of Germany’s gross electricity generation last year, according to figures by working group AG Energiebilanzen.

Offshore wind industry groups AGOW, BWE, Offshore Wind Foundation, VDMA and WAB expect this year some 700MW to be connected to the grid.