Wind power in South Africa: Northern Cape gets wind farm

The Northern Cape is getting greener, this as 10 solar power plants are already feeding into the national grid. Three wind farms are on the cards, one of which is under construction. The wind farm in the early stages of construction is a life-line for the community. It has already created over 200 jobs for locals.

“It’s the minority that have jobs. The majority wake up and sit next to their houses and do nothing. So I think it’s a great thing it will put food in most families,” says a resident.

“If it’s happening it’s going to be good, more especially we don’t have jobs. We don’t have opportunities and we don’t have skills,” says another resident.


Thirty five wind turbines will be built. On completion the wind power project will plough back into the community.

Project manager Leo Quinn explains: “Once operational a percentage of the project’s revenue will go to economic development and social development activities within the local community.  And in addition to that, there is a community trust that owns 5% of the Noupoort Wind Farm.”

The wind farm will generate enough electricity to power 75 000 homes. Construction will be completed in July.