Iran signs German investment contract to launch wind farm using 30 wind turbines

Iran and a German investing company have signed a contract for launching a wind farm in the Arvand Free Zone in southwestern Iran.

The wind farm is to give an annual output of 130 thousand MW/h electricity using 30 wind turbines, Esmail Zamani, CEO of Arvand Free Zone said, IRIB news agency reported August 22.

He added the first phase of the project, including the launch of a 48-thousand MW power plant has been completed in less than 18 months.

The second phase of the project will be operational by 2019, he said.

He further said the German company is also going to fund another project of a 40-MW solar power plant using photovoltaic cells.

That plant will be launched in an area of 50 hectares with an initial fund of €20 million, creating jobs for 60 people.

It is also on agenda to launch a thermal solar power plant with an output of 20 MW in an area of 40 hectares with an investment of €23 million, creating jobs for 40.

While the average international share of renewable energies in the energy basket is over 10 percent, the number is less than 0.01 percent for Iran, said Ali Mohammad Shaeri, head of the Environment and Sustainable Development Staff of the Tehran Municipality on May 26.

Unfortunately, the abundance of fossil fuels in Iran has made us think less about new and renewable energy forms, whereas the world is moving toward using new energy, he said.

The country used 1,271 billion cubic feet of gas, as well as 28 billion liters of gas oil and fuel oil for power generation last Iranian fiscal year, which ended on March 20.