DONG Energy to build Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm in the UK

DONG Energy has decided to construct Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm, located in the Greater Wash area, approximately 27 km off the east coast of Britain.

Race Bank will have a capacity of up to approx. 580MW and is expected to be fully commissioned in 2018. The wind farm will be constructed and operate under the UK’s ROC scheme (1.8 ROC).

Siemens has been chosen as the preferred supplier for the proposed delivery of 91 Siemens 6MW wind turbines with performance enhancing features enabling a capacity of up to approx. 580 MW in total. The deployment of Siemens wind turbines is conditional upon the parties signing an agreement.

Samuel Leupold, Executive Vice President at DONG Energy, said:

“I’m very excited about the fact that we can start building the Race Bank offshore wind farm, which will supply green electricity to more than 400,000 British households. The Race Bank offshore wind farm is yet another enabler for the growth of the offshore wind supply chain in UK, and the project will create jobs in the UK at all levels of the supply chain.”

Leupold continued:
“The size of this project will enable us to utilize the economies of scale to continue to drive down cost of electricity produced by offshore wind farms. This is a must win battle and we are getting one step closer with the decision to build this offshore wind farm.”

When all projects currently under construction, including the Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm, are completed, DONG Energy will have built a total of 4,400MW, of which 2,500MW will be located in the UK.