Wind energy in Madhya Pradesh: 38 wind power projects of 820 MW

Wind energy is being promoted in Madhya Pradesh for environment conservation and generation of power from alternate sources of energy. Wind energy projects of 456.3 MW have been established in the state during year 2014-15.



So far, 38 wind energy projects of 820 MW have been established in the state. Of these, 570 MW capacity projects have been established in Dewas, Mandsaur, Ratlam and Agar Malwa districts of Ujjain division. At investor’s summits during last few years, the state government initiated measures to promote private sector investors in wind energy sector.

Work is underway at a rapid pace on 147 wind energy projects of 6300 MW capacity in the state. All prestigious wind energy sector companies including Gamesha, Inox Windworld, Suzlon, Hero, Renew Power and Region Power are setting up their projects in the state. Production of wind energy turbines is also proposed in the state