Wind energy generated 25% of electricity in Spain

Renewable energy produced 50% of electricity in Spain in May: Wind power generated 25%, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) 3.6% and photovoltaic solar energy 4.5%. So far in 2015 the renewable energy produced 44% of electricity in Spain in May: 23.3% wind power generated outpacing nuclear energy, 1.7% Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and photovoltaic solar energy 3%.

Generation of May 2015

Generation from January to May 2015

Peninsular electricity demand in the month of May, after taking into account calendar effects and temperatures fell by 0.6% over the same month last year. Gross demand was of 18,607 GWh, 2.1% higher than in May 2014.

In the first five months of the year, corrected for calendar effects and temperatures, consumption was 0.6% higher than last year. The gross electricity demand in this period was 102 020 GWh, 1.7% more than in the same period of 2014.

The production of wind power, with data on May 29, has reached 4,662 GWh, up 20.8% from the same period last year and has made 25% of total production.

In the first 29 days of the month, the generation from renewable energy represented 49.9% of production. 65.7% of electricity production for this month came from technologies that do not emit CO2.