Iraq plans several renewable energy plants

Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity along with the National Investment Commission (NIC), have announced an investment opportunity to construct three solar power stations and one wind power station.

The renewable energy plants will be between the capacity of 5 and 10 MW, and be situated in Diwaniya, Najaf and Missan (Maysan) provinces, according to reports by Iraq Business News.

The projects are as follows:
•    Diwaniya: A solar power station on a 50-donum site at Dagharah.
•    Diwaniya: A solar power station on a 50-to-60-donum site at Al- Suniyah.
•    Najaf: A solar power station on a 200-donum site at Al- Haideriyah.
•    Missan: A wind power station at Ali al- Gharbi.

The investors willing to invest in this opportunity should submit a letter of interest to the NIC by May 13, providing a profile that contains the following:

•    Project feasibility study that matches with the one arranged by the Ministry of Electricity (which can be obtained with the information confidentiality form when visiting NIC).
•    Signing the information confidentiality form when visiting NIC.
•    Preliminary engineering plans.
•    Financial competency with the details of the project funding sources.
•    Duration and stages of project implementation.
•    Similar accomplished projects.

The project will receive privileges like tax and fees exemptions according to investment law provisions, and also the Ministry of Electricity, NIC and provincial governments shall undertake providing all facilitations to investor in order to obtain all licenses and approvals needed through the One Stop Shop in addition to providing facilitations during the implementation and operation stages.

Additionally, the investor has the right to repatriate capitals, revenues and workers fees according to the CBI regulations after paying all financial dues, it added.