Wind power in Pakistan: France to invest $20m in Sindh in a 50 MW wind farm

France has decided to invest $20 million to support a wind power project of 50MW in Sindh.It was announced by the French Embassy.

The efforts are being made to support renewable power generation.



Gul Ahmed Wind Power, an independent power producer, will help the company build and operate the 50-megawatt facility northeast of Karachi. The project is expected to bolster electricity supplies in Pakistan, where frequent power cuts hamper social and economic development, and cost the country the equivalent of 2 percent of gross domestic product.

The new wind power plant will create jobs (more than 500 during the construction phase and 50 on a long term basis) and help spur growth. The plant will make its greatest contributions during the high-demand summer months.

When wind farms generate most of their electricity. It will provide an environmentally-friendly source of power, helping Pakistan cut back on the use of polluting and expensive fossil fuels by reducing the carbon footprint of the country by an approximate 60,000 tons of CO2-equivalent per year. CEO of PROPARCO, Claude Périou welcomed “this joint operation with the Infraco Asia, IFC and local Pakistani banks, which is fully in line with AFD Group’s strategy against climate change.

This project will contribute not only to reducing pressure on the country’s power grid, but also to sencouraging the development of strong, reliable and clean energy in the region. It is the third investment of PROPARCO in the energy sector in Pakistan.”