Wind energy in Sweden: Vestas wins 33 MW wind power order for V126-3.3 MW wind turbines

Vestas has received a firm and unconditional order for 10 V126-3.3 MW turbines for the Maevaara 2 wind power plant.

The order also includes the first Vestas De-icing System for the V126-3.3 MW.

The order was placed by Nordic renewable energy developer OX2. The wind power plant will be in northern Sweden. This project is the second in Sweden to utilise the V126-3.3 MW turbine model. Turbine delivery is planned to begin in the second quarter of 2016 with installation during second and third quarter of 2016.


The contract includes supply, installation and commissioning of 10 V126-3.3 MW turbines, along with a VestasOnline® Business SCADA solution and a 15-year full-scope service agreement (AOM 5000), which was signed with Allianz Capital Partners, the Allianz Group’s in-house investment division for alternative investments.  Allianz, with a combined generation capacity of more than 1,200 MW, is one of the world’s largest financial investors in renewable energy and has recently purchased the Maevaara 2 wind power plant from OX2.

“We’re very pleased to be installing Vestas V126-3.3MW turbines at the extension to the Maevaara project and look forward to working closely with Vestas to ensure optimal through-life operational performance”, states David Jones, Head of Renewable Energy at Allianz Capital Partners.

“The new V126-3.3 MW with de-icing is a good match for the Nordic environment and ensures that the site is utilised in an optimal way”, says Paul Stormoen, CEO of OX2 Wind. “We are very pleased with our long-term relationship with Vestas and are looking forward to work together on this project.

“Sweden is an increasingly important renewable energy market. Vestas’ ability to offer leading technology solutions such as the V126-3.3 MW and the Vestas De-icing System provides our customers there with a competitive value proposition for generating more energy on low wind sites”, says Klaus Steen Mortensen, President of Vestas Northern Europe. “Vestas is very pleased to continue our successful partnership with OX2 and Allianz Capital Partners realizing this wind energy project.”

Today, Vestas has delivered about 1,500 wind turbines totalling more than 2,400 MW to Sweden.

Easily serviceable from within the hub and inside the blade, VDS does not require electrical components to be installed in the blade’s leading edge. While enhancing the system’s robustness, it also keeps the system at low risk from lightning damage. VDS is designed to de-ice the outer profile of the blade focusing on the tip end to ensure maximum efficiency of regaining power production after ice buildup occurs. VDS is fully integrated with Vestas’ control systems and can be tailored to the customer’s de-icing strategy. The system can be triggered automatically or manually, ensuring customers have full monitoring control of the system. Vestas has received more than 200 MW of firm and unconditional orders for turbines with the VDS system, which is available for V112-3.3 MW, V117-3.3 MW, and V126-3.3 MW.

OX2 develops, constructs, finances and manages renewable energy projects in the Nordic region. The company is a driving force in the transition towards a sustainable energy sector, offering financial investors as well as large energy users the opportunity to invest in and own renewable energy plants. OX2 has realised a significant part of the large-scale onshore wind power projects in the Nordic region. The group has operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Poland.